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How to style your Empress Hair Extensions to a formal event!

Did you watch the recent awards were your favorite Hollywood celebrities dress up with their fancy gowns and gorgeous hairstyle?

If yes!

You are crazy to know who styled them and wish you could wear them to your formal events too! Formal has always been upon us, a wedding or a formal event for the festive season, or a school prom for your family member you can easily dress up or down your outfit with how you style your locks.

At Empress Hair Extensions we gather the top 4 styles that you can match with different formal looks. 



Updo hairstyle


If you think you have to have a Rapunzel length hair to be beautiful on your formal day? Think again! This UP-DO hairstyle reaches new heights with these beautiful, elegant, and just plain fabulous updos.

Whether you need some inspiration for a prom, wedding, anniversary, or just want to do something different, these photos will totally hit that inspiration spot for you.

Grab some bobby pins and get ready to see this year’s best updos with your hair extensions!



Hair Extensions Accessories

We love a good evening dress that wows a crowd, but we love it even more when the dress is accompanied by the perfect hair and hair accessory. Headpiece’s are a great addition to a formal outfit if a necklace or earrings just isn’t working.

Get the perfect Empress Hair Extensions and styled with some loose waves in a side pony.



Tessa Thompson

If you want to make your formal look a little more casual or give it that boho charm, twist two front sections back and secure with a bobby pin.

This is a great idea if you have shorter layers at the front to avoid them not blending into the extensions. 



Sporting a side hair style

If you can’t get that seamless transition with your hair and your extensions then a side pony is your new best friend!

Loosely wave your hair and pull it in a side pony, leaving some strands around your face. If you are feeling a little creative you can wrap a section of your pony around where you tied it to hide the hairband and make the whole look more seamless and polished. This hairstyle works well with a sleek, stunning and versatile style gowns.

Now that you know how to style hair extensions for a formal occasion, go and check our Empress Hair Extensions website and get the 10% promo if you sign up today!


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