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Hair Extensions For Your Next Night Out

Are you like me, who keeps on thinking of my next hairstyle to any event I attend to?

If yes! Continue!

If no! Continue, we may have something for you that will be useful for you in the future or maybe by this weekend!


It’s always a good thing to have your hairstyle ready to go for all the occasions that's on your line up! Whether it’s for a romantic event, a fun night on the town with your friends or anything else, your hairstyle should impress, but shouldn’t be difficult to achieve.


And you know??


Sometimes all it takes is incorporating a hair extension to transform your natural hair into the unique hairstyle you’ve desired or something that's perfect for that day or your night. 

With my experience, I've got the chance to compile something for you that you can consider when planning on your hairstyle:


Wedding "French Twist"

The French twist is the most elegant hairstyle as per our research, so it’s great for attending weddings or if you’re going on a romantic date. You can pair it with virtually any dress and jewelry combination, while also adding in hair accessories if that’s your style. Having the right hair products for your Hair Extensions is essential to pull off this hairstyle since you want to make sure every strand remains in place. When you wear it once, it will surely be in your rotation of elegant hairstyles to wear going forward.


Slicked Back Bun

The slicked back bun is the perfect hairstyle to pair with a high-neck dress. The key with this hairstyle is to not have any strand of hair out of place and to make it look as slick as possible. You can add shiny hair extensions if you need a little extra length to make the bun. Otherwise, using hair products for your Empress Hair that maximizes shine and hold should be all you need to pull off this simple and classy hairstyle.


Wavy and Tucked

A simple hairstyle for people with medium-length hair is to create subtle waves and tuck them behind one ear. Start off by using the best sulfate shampoo you can find to make your hair easier to work with. You can add in a deep side part if you want to. Otherwise, simply creating beachy waves and tucking back one side is classy and looks great for any occasion and with any wardrobe combination.


Simple Blowout

A good blowout is often a go-to hairstyle for people on their special nights out. Incorporate subtle curls to create a bouncy and free-flowing appearance. You can even take it up a notch and add shiny hair extensions to increase volume. A blowout looks great for virtually any occasion and is always sure to impress anyone you’re with.


Empress Hair Extensions believes some of the simplest hairstyles are often the most elegant ones. You don’t have to spend hours doing your hair in preparation for a special night out. When you have the right hair products for your Hair Extensions and have established a good quality hair care routine, you’ll be ready to rock your next great hairstyle at any time.


Be sure to contact us if you have any questions or need advice about a hairstyle you’re thinking about.

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