Hi! My name is Dana Bete, I started my own online hair business "Empress Hair Extensions" for 2 reasons!

First because I was tired of wasting money on hair that didn't meet my expectations.

I worked in Corporate America, for many years and I had to always make sure my hair was looking fabulous and on point, and I love wearing and experimenting with hair extensions, weaves and wigs, and visiting and browsing the Beauty Supply stores was a hobby of mine. I noticed when I was shopping for hair, and I visited the Beauty Supply Stores, there was no one there that looked like me to really help me.

The Beauty Supply Stores were all owned by Asian's, and they did not know much about the hair that they were selling to me and a lot of the hair I purchased was not good hair.

Second reason, I personally know women that has hair loss from cancer and Alopecia and these women are constantly looking for different things to do with their hair.

So, when I decided that I wanted to own a hair business, I spoke to them and asked them what their needs are and what they are looking for in hair. I also started surfing the internet to find out how I can make it happen. I didn't just want to reach the women in my local area, I also wanted to reach the women throughout the whole of the USA. I did quite a lot of research. I traveled overseas checking out human virgin hair vendors in order to form a lasting relationship. I wanted to get more firsthand inside knowledge of hair, so that I can bring it to my customers, and assure them that what we are offering is the real deal - human virgin hair.

Thus! Empress Hair Extensions was launched in 2018. We are a USA base Company whose Brand is dedicated to improving and enhancing the natural beauty of women. With a team knowledgeable about the recent demand of trendy weaves, wigs and other hair extensions, we strive to provide the best always. Fast shipping, affordable prices and excellent customer service.


Gorgeous, stunning natural hair that blends with all hair types! Our extensive collection of beauty wigs, hair extensions, and Clip In are the best way to attain luscious hair transformation, without making any changes to the actual hair.

We keep in mind all hair details, handpick every strand, and closely decide each hair shade to make sure that our products are of the finest quality and consistency. 

And that’s how we bring to you the best selection of gorgeous hair wigs ranging from Bundles to Closures and Clip-in extensions. These super splendid wigs are all about diversity and that’s why they come in a gorgeous variety of shades and hair color. Be it brunettes or blondes, browns, or black, you will get the right wigs and extensions to suit your hair type.

From classic styles like Ponytails, Closures to fancy Weave, Full Lace, or Clip-In, you will find the best of products here at your fingertips to complement all your wigs and hair extensions needs. These ready to go products can help you achieve your desired look quickly and easily and will make you stand out at a party or even on a casual day. 

All our products have been handcrafted to detail, keeping YOU in mind. The color blends have been inspired by natural hair shades to seamlessly merge with your hair. These products come with wefts to make sure that your wigs and extensions remain undetectable, ensuring a flawless finish. Perfectly suited for even the finest of hairs, the natural-looking extensions have superb volume and length. 

 Rest assured, these premium products promise to not shed, tangle, or break down. So browse through our extensive range of collection and get ready to crown yourself with our amazing products.


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