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  • Today, the whole world knows about alopecia!

    Apr 07 2022

    At the recent Oscars ceremony, the most talked-about moment revolved around a disease that causes hair loss. Although it's unclear if com...

  • Hairstyle Trend During Fall Plus Tips for this Season!

    Oct 12 2021

    As the seasons change, we prepare our wardrobe and our look.  Dresses aren't just for special occasions in the summer. Having an easy s...

  • Losing Hair From Stress?

    Aug 18 2021

    If you’re finding more strands of hair than usual on your pillowcase and in the shower drain, you may be wondering if anxiety is to blame...

  • Hair Goal Is Self Love

    Jun 23 2021

    After a year of no manicures, no bikini waxes or salon trips, people are asking are we on the verge of adopting an easygoing new attitude...

  • 5D Mink Lashes and Why we Love them!

    Apr 14 2021

    So you’ve already discovered the power of wearing false lashes, now there’s no going back! High quality, mink fur lashes should be your n...