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Being Choosy About Who Applies Your Hair Extensions is a good thing!


You have now your hair extension!! Then what??

You are now choosing carefully who will apply!!

Don't worry! That's just the right thing to do...


Good quality hair extensions when applied correctly make your hair look mind-blowingly amazing.  After your first experience, you’ll love the way they look so much you’ll want to wear them all the time.

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When you are getting a semi-permanent extension you may need a  professional to apply this, such as tape or weft hair extensions, Always make sure you go to a reputable stylist who has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in applying for hair extensions.



Thru years of experimenting and wearing different kinds of hair extensions, getting somebody to apply them that doesn’t really know what they are doing can have disastrous results.

They Could:

  • Use the wrong method that’s not suited best to your hair type, or
  • Apply them poorly

This Could Result In:

  • Hair breakage, crosshairs, messy hair, or, worst case scenario, thinning or balding spots, which could take years to grow back. Eek.
  • Your hair extensions being visible, not only as the attachment could be seen due to a shoddy application, but the hair color could be completely the wrong match 


When you’re getting your extensions professionally applied, choose who puts them in wisely.

The right person should be a qualified professional who also understands hair growth cycles and natural hair growth patterns. They should also understand the potential damage that misuse of or incorrectly applied hair extensions can cause.

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