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12 Stunning Hairstyles to Wear At the Office

When it comes to hairstyles to wear at the office, the first thing that comes to mind is time. Nobody wants to wake up at 5 am to do a one hour style. Therefore, you need a hairstyle that takes at most ten minutes.


However, you also want a hairstyle that will make you look like you are composed throughout the day. So, you also want a soft hairstyle. The office is where different types of people interact and share each other's styles. Thus, other than these 12 hairstyles discussed in the article, do not be afraid to interact with fellow workmates to discuss how they get their hair ready in the morning.



Ponytails make women look like nothing is stopping them from conquering their dreams. Apply a light shiny serum or gel on your hair, comb it back or middle, and then tie the pony. Use a hair tie that is the same color as your hair, and it should be tight enough.

You can style ponytails by creating a side part and having a little hair hanging in front, or you can secure the hanging section with a bobby pin behind your ear. Different types of ponytails exist, such as curled or straight. You can choose to curl it for a more fun look. If your hair is short, you can buy artificial ponytails, and you will still look clean and ready to handle any task.



If there is a hairstyle that you can wear to the office and saves time is wearing wigs. Wigs come in different length, type, and color. For the office, it is substantial to settle for a dull color wig such as black or dark blonde. You don't want to go for a bright color. You should ensure that your wig is clean and sprayed.

Keep your wig safe in fresh open spaces. You can change your look using one wig, and everyone in the office will think to believe that you do your hair weekly. You can as well curl or straighten a wig.


Hair Extensions

It looks annoying when you have very little hair to style. Therefore, the solution would be to get hair extensions. Hair extensions are easy to attach to your hair and look fantastic the whole day. The different types of hair extensions include tape-ins, glue-ins, protein- bonded extensions, and clip ins. You should take care of your hair extensions to ensure they last long.


Straight Extensions

Straight hair extensions are suitable for the office. You should wear straight hair extensions to meetings. This hairstyle will make you look smart and ready to take charge of the meeting. Different colors of straight hair extensions, but it is essential to work with dark corporate colors.


Body Wave Extensions

If you wear high-quality body wave extensions to the office, then you will have a wonderful experience. They are beautiful, clean, and most importantly, fun. Everyone in the office will feel free when interacting with you. Body wave extensions are of different types such as Brazilian or Peruvian. You should get one based on your preference.


Tape in Extensions

If you are looking for a hair volume boost when going to the office, then you should consider tape-in extensions. The extensions can be taped on the hair in a salon or at home. You need to have about 3 to seven packs of tape ins. However, you should be careful when taking off the tape in extensions to avoid issues such as hair thinning. Tape in extensions last six to eight weeks. These extensions are among the best hairstyles for the office, but they should be taken care of for them to serve for up to eight weeks.


Loose Wave Extensions

It can be hard to differentiate between body wave and loose wave extensions. Body wave extensions have a consistent deep "S" throughout the hair. On the other hand, loose wave extensions are loose, and its waves do not form the letter S.

After washing, the shininess of loose wave extensions reduces to give it a natural look, a quality which is not experienced with body wave extensions. However, if you have a loose hair weave extension, then you know it is easy to get it ready. You can go with loose wave extensions to the office, and you will look fabulous the whole day.


Kinky Curly Extensions

If you are looking for the best natural looking extensions to wear to the office, then you should wear kinky curly extensions. Kinky curl extensions are cheaper and they last long. They are easy to maintain, and they bring about a beautiful look with ease. You should purchase good quality kinky curly extensions which can also be straightened.


Clip in Extensions

Clip in extensions are the most popular extensions used by women who work in offices. They are easy to clip, and they take your look to another level. These extensions have clip ins which you use to clip the extensions to your natural hair. Also, you should be careful when removing them to avoid hair thinning. Clip-in extensions can last up to a year if you take good care of them.


Afro Kinky Extensions

If you have an African hair or would like to wear an African hair look to the office, then you should wear Afro Kinky extensions. It is a quick hairstyle as all you have to do is to clip in the afro kinky extensions to your hair. These hair extensions depict power and ready to tackle anything. Therefore, it is essential to try them.


U Tip

U tip hair extensions are used by many busy women who don't have the whole morning to get ready. Despite them being a quick hairstyle, they give a flawless look. The hair extensions are pre-tipped with keratin and then applied using hot hair extension iron. You need to roll the extensions using your fingers around your natural hair. The keratin will not burn you or stick to your fingers. They will be attached and will keep you going for the whole day. U tip extensions can be silky straight or deep and wavy.


Flat Tip

Flat tip hair extension is a hybrid of tape in and I-Link extensions. The extensions lie flat on the hair, but still allow a 360-degree movement. The extension is beaded to the natural hair. This lasts up to one hour, and therefore, you should consider doing it the previous night before office day. Once they are installed, they can last three to six months. You can use the same flat tip extensions three times using a new bead each time. It is vital to look presentable when going to the office.


For a place where we spend the bulk of our time, the office can often get the short end of the stick when it comes to our creativity. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a position that takes advantage of your talents, but more often than not cubicles, board rooms and suits are the norm. And with snooze buttons and coffee demanding our attention in the morning, we’re also likely to skimp on our hair and beauty routines. We say no more! Gorgeous hair doesn’t have to be a major morning investment if you have Hair Extensions with you! 

Always remember that Empress Hair Extensions have all your hair needs! And as we always say "We want the best for you"

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