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Wedding Hair Tips Every Bride Should Know

Your wedding is usually the best day of your life.


Therefore, you want to look pretty, and your hair needs to be well done. However, it can be stressful because you might end up not having that look that you always dream of. This is due to the fact that you will be pressured to choose from many styles and you might be tempted to change as days go by before the big day.

Fortunately, you don't have to make mistakes because this article is here to help you. Listed below are wedding hair tips that every bride should know before the wedding day.

Don't set up the Trial too early

It is not a good idea to set up the trial too soon as this will make you change hairstyles from time to time. You can schedule your trial six weeks before the wedding. By this time, you would have picked the dress, shoes, and jewelry. Thus, it will be easier to know which hairstyle to settle at, and one which blends with the dressing.

This will also avoid anxiety during the wedding day because the style will be fresh in your mind. Thus, you will know how it will end up looking. Do not choose a hairstyle five months before the wedding as this will make you doubt your option, and you will end being stressed.

Don't be Inspired by One Photo

When you are choosing a hairstyle for your wedding, it is not a good idea to get inspiration from only one photo. This will limit your ideas. It is vital to take a look at a couple of pictures and compare the aspects. The aspects include the head shape, color, curls, straight, and styling. You will then narrow down to the top three styles, and then from the three, you will choose one that best suits you.

Look at several photos, and you will get different ideas. You can even decide to combine the ideas of two pictures to design one hairstyle. It is essential to ask for advice from another party when you are going through the photos.

Be Realistic

Another excellent wedding hair tip every bride should know is being realistic. Do not have unrealistic expectations, which will lead to disappointment. You should get to know your hair and the style that will look best on you. Do not expect to look exactly like the model on the picture that you saw.

The stylist will give you his or her best service with regards to your hair type. Thus choose a style that works for your hair type, volume, texture, and length. This will help reduce the unrealistic expectations of looking exactly like that girl on the red carpet.

Narrow down the Opinions

As mentioned earlier, it is important to have another party to help you when checking the photos. However, you need to work with only one or two people who have the same sense of style as you. Do not solicit opinions from all your family members, friends, and different hair stylists.

This will confuse you, and it will make you feel like the process is hard. Work with at most two people who correspond with your style, and they will help you come up with a hairstyle that best suits you.

You Should Trust Your Stylist

Your stylist has worked with hundreds of brides, and thus, he or she knows what works best for you. Therefore, it is essential to trust the stylist and not come in between their work. They want you to look best on your wedding day, and therefore, do not treat them like enemies. Give them a good time to do their work and do not stress them.

If they make certain changes, it is because they have researched and they have found out that the change is essential. You should put your trust in your stylist and do not let anxiety take over. Once you have picked the hairstyle, show it to your stylist, and listen to their advice. You should also air out your ideas that the end product will satisfy you and make the stylist happy.

Don't Change your Hair too Close to the Wedding

When you have chosen your hairstyle, it is not a wise idea to change it close to the wedding. You can try it six weeks before the wedding that any changes can be made. If you want to braid or wear a wig, then it is not a good idea to change your natural hair too close to the wedding day.

Some brides have colored their hair or cut it when the wedding was close, and it caused problems. Many extensions will be used to achieve the first original look which you chose. Therefore, if you want to alter your natural look, then it is crucial first to consult your stylist. You have enough time to go through your wedding closet. Thus, if you want to change your hair, do it before the trial date and not after as this will lead to anxiety.

Have a Second Style for the Reception

When you go to the reception, it is good to have a simple hairstyle that will give you room to dance and move around. You will discuss this with your hairstylist. You can settle on rolling the hair into a bun to show your face. Also, you can choose to change into a lighter wig. Your stylist should be on board to help you make the quick hair change. This will allow you to have fun at the reception without restrictions.

Pick the Right Wedding Hairstyle

As much as you want to have a particular hairstyle for your wedding, you should ask yourself if it is right or not. The aspects that determine if the hairstyle is right are the weather, your dress, and veil or no veil. For example, if your wedding is set during the cold weather, you can go for a curly hairstyle as the curls will not fall out as they do in hot weather.

Also, if you are wearing the veil, you should consider having a hairstyle that will give room for the veil to stick right. These wedding hair tips every bride should know will enormously save you when you are planning your wedding.


Sometimes, we have to admit that our hair just isn’t thick enough or long enough for certain hairstyles. But the good news is that hair extensions can revolutionize the way you style your hair, especially on your wedding day! If you have thin hair that doesn’t let you hold a tight bun or the texture of your hair means that you cannot keep your curls for more than an hour, hair extensions can make this a problem of the past.


Plus, whatever hairstyle you choose will be temporary with hair extensions for your wedding day. This means that you can enjoy the beautiful style for your wedding and simply return to your normal hairstyle afterward. There is no commitment. 

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