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Shopping for Hair Extension? Don't worry! We got you!

Check the things you need to know before you get one!

  The hair of a woman can be considered as her most prized possession as it gives her that flawless beauty that no number of beauty products can easily achieve. Various women have been known to have different hair colors, texture and styling. This varies across countries, continents and the society at large and most especially one’s own preference. Hairstyles include curly, wavy, straight and even the famous African afro while the most common hair colors are blonde, brown also known as a brunette, red and black but due to the advancement of technology, other hair colors can be attained.


I get it! Choosing the right hairstyle has always been a bit of challenge for ladies!


That’s why!


Hair extension is here, and it’s not going out of trend not now not ever!


Shopping For Hair Extensions


   Hair extensions are widely used by women as it enables them to pull off that elegant look. Some women use it in order to add volume to their hair while others use it for the extra length it gives their hair. Hair extensions are greatly desired by women of all races and for that reason, they do not come cheap.


Some of them are synthetic while others are from Human Hair that has greatly become popular these days. They can be clipped, glued or otherwise fused to your existing hair.

When shopping for hair extensions, there are various things that need to be considered ranging from the price to quality, texture and so many others. Hence, you need to have a fair view of what you desire before going to the market for it.

Empress Hair Extensions

So here are a few things that you need to take into consideration:



Budget: Knowing your budget is one of the major things that you need to take into consideration when shopping for hair extensions. Hair extensions are of different price ranges which largely influences their quality so it’s best you know what range you’re on. This helps you to go for the best within that range be it synthetic or actual human hair and get the best out of the money spent.



Market Prices: The hair extension market has a lot of crooks as it is extremely competitive hence it is necessary to compare prices within the local and foreign market so as to get your money’s worth. It is advisable to shop in a store or a trusted Online store as this enables you to find a good match for your hair color and texture. Do your own research on places to shop best by visiting local salons and seeking professional help on the best route to take so as not to be cheated.



Type Of Extension: There is a need to know the kind of extension to buy, be it a clip-in, taped or keratin. This decision is made based on the texture of your scalp. For example, a clip-in hair extensions is preferable when going for temporary hair extension as it can easily be removed and also can be applied individually. They can also be curled or straightened to your taste while those that are taped last longer and can be shampooed and conditioned as you so desire.



Hair Quality: When shopping for hair extensions, you need to know the quality you are aiming for. The best hair extensions are often made from real hair as this is more durable but needless to say more expensive.The real hair extensions when bought can be glued to your hair if long term extensions are what you desire but when looking for those that can easily be placed or removed, synthetic hair is the way to go.



Hair Length: Before shopping for hair extensions, there is a need to calculate the length of your natural hair and the extension you wish to buy. Extensions are usually placed at the center of your head so you would need to measure the length of your hair from the center to the tip so as to know the exact length of hair extension to buy and the number of inches you would like to add.



Hair Colour: Choosing the right color when buying hair extensions is paramount as this will make you look natural and not gaudy. It is advisable that you get the extensions that match that your natural hair color as any mismatched color will call to attention the fact that you are wearing extensions. Hence it is necessary to see the color of extensions first before you buy them and if it proves difficult to find the extensions to match your hair color, you can simply dye your hair to the color you prefer and then buy the matching extensions.



Texture Of The Hair: In addition to getting a color match, the texture of the hair should also be taken into consideration. Extensions come in various forms which include wavy, curly or straight. When choosing your hair extension, buy the type that matches the natural texture of your hair and if you frequently use a curl or flat iron, it is advisable to buy extensions that are heat resistant.



   Hair extensions are a necessity in every girl’s beauty kit and also help you to achieve that hair structure that you have been meaning to. They give off that natural look and are more preferable to wigs which in some cases can cause heat.



So when you’re shopping for that perfect hair extension make sure you do your research and most especially know what you want and there is no better place to get one than right here so do check Empress Hair Extensions, we only want the best for your hair!


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