Taking Care of your Hair Extensions This Winter

Hair extensions are the most popular and affordable way to get the dream hairdo.

And all ladies can agree to this!

There are a variety of high-quality hair extensions that you can choose from and the transformation that takes a few hours at the most can last several months with the proper care.


As mentioned in our previous blogs, it is important to choose highly rated professional services and high-quality hair extensions to take proper care of your extensions

But how do you take care of your hair extensions on this season?

Taking care of your hair and extensions during the cold weather

We all know that winter is one of the seasons that demands special care both for your own hair and for the hair extensions that you wear regardless of their type.

Some of the basic tips for protecting your hair in winter are also applicable to those who wear hair extensions but it is necessary to take one step further and be extra careful so that the cold weather won’t damage them. 

Here are a few tips that are quite easy to follow but will guarantee the health of your hair and the good look of your hair extensions:


Protect your natural hair and hair extensions:

The harsh conditions can take a toll on your hair and hair extension but can also have a negative effect on your health as well. Hence, it is a good idea to wear a hat or a scarf when going out in cold weather. Cold air is usually drier and can dry and damage your hair extensions unless you hide them under a hat or scarf. This move will protect them from damage and keep you warm at the same time.  

Note: Use soft fabrics that are gentler to hair and extensions and will also leave them in better condition when you take them off. 


Use Special Sprays/ Wash your hair and hair extensions with the proper products 

It is also a good idea to use special sprays products that can protect your hair and hair extensions from the effects of cold weather. 

Note: Before using any product make sure to consult an expert

Washing your hair and hair extensions

A lot of people think that washing your hair and hair extensions can cause a lot of damage. But what we don't know is that we should make this a ritual especially in cold weather. As our hair tends to get drier in this season, it is important to avoid products that can lead to further dryness. 

Note: Use hair products that are sulfate-free and won’t damage your hair extensions. Your hair gets its essential oils from the cuticle but your extensions lack that privilege. 


Avoid heating tools but dry hair and hair extensions properly  

Effects on your hair when you use heat styling tools


Using heating devices is not recommended at any moment more especially worse in winter.

Note: Avoid any flat irons and use the blow dryer as rare as possible. It is better to use a diffuser to dry your hair and hair-styling tools with ceramic plates, in case you need to. Thus, you protect your hair and extensions from frizz. 

On the other hand, it is extremely important to properly dry your hair before going out in the cold. 


Keep your hair moisturized  

black woman sporting her short bob in wavy style

To avoid extensive dryness which affects hair extension negatively, you need to keep your hair properly hydrated. It is necessary to condition deeply your hair extensions in winter to keep them in good condition. 

Note: You can use a leave-in conditioner during the day for better hydration and less frizz. 


Establish a proper brushing routine  

Brushing your hair extensions is vital to helping them last longer and look fabulous. You need to brush your hair minimum once a day and preferably twice. Use a proper brushing tool that will be gentle to your extensions such as a loop brush.


Good care means longevity and beauty for your hair extensions. Following the tips above is quite easy while the results are visible and lasting. And also choosing the right extensions for you and your hair really do the magic, choose the best human hair extensions


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