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Hacks to Double the Lifespan of Your Hair Extensions

It can be hard to maintain hair extensions, especially for people who know little about it.

However, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to make your hair extensions last for an extended period. You can make your hair extensions last longer with these hacks.

Wash After Purchase

It is tempting to use your hair extensions immediately after purchasing them. However, it is advisable to give the bundles an initial wash before wearing them. Shampooing the bundles will remove the dirt that was slipped during packaging and the chemicals that were used during manufacturing. Wash off the shampoo with cold water and then add a conditioner from the roots to the tip. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle the hair extensions and then with cold water. Pat the bundles dry and allow them to air dry for a few days.

Only Wash When Required

The initial wash is vital, but after you have started using your hair extensions, there should be no excessive washing. Only use the conditioner to remove the dirt. Shampooing is vital for the initial wash, but afterward, it is not advisable. It will end up stripping off the moisture and oils in your hair extensions which will make them dry. 

If you are washing clip-ins and tape-ins, fill a spray bottle with cold water and spray them until thoroughly wet before applying the conditioner. Rinse the conditioner and allow the extensions to air dry. It is essential to use gentle products to wash extensions, such as sulfate-free products. Also, instead of using a rough comb to detangle them, you can use your fingers. This will reduce the stress that your hair extensions are exposed to, and thus, they will last longer. It is a general rule to wash your hair extensions once a month or after 30 wears.

Remove Your Extensions When Sleeping

It is essential to remove your hair extensions before you sleep because the friction between your hair and the pillow will cause the wefts to entangle with your natural hair. This will move the wefts from their original places, and you will have to keep replacing them daily. If you sleep with clip-ins, they will become loose and pull on your natural hair. Thus, to avoid these predicaments which reduce the lifespan of your hair extensions, do not sleep with extensions.

Do Not Exercise With Extensions

Sweat can easily be cleaned from natural hair after a workout. However, this does not apply to hair extensions. Sweat causes matting on the hair extensions. This will produce bacteria on the extensions which will, in turn, lower its longevity. Tangles and knots will also be experienced during movement and friction. Thus, if you are looking for a longer hair lifespan, do not exercise with extensions. 

Brush Often

You should often brush your hair extension if you want them to last longer. Brushing ensures that the hair remains in great shape during storage. Also, it is vital to use the right brush. Traditional hairbrush causes stripping. If you have the kinky, wavy, body wave, loose wave extensions, you should use the loop hair extensions brush. The brush is looped, making it easier to slide through the hair and smoothly remove any tangles. Do not brush the extensions when they are wet as this will lead to breakage. You should not only brush your extension during storage but also during the day. This will prevent knots and tangles from forming, giving you a longer hair lifespan.

Have More Than One Set and Lengths

It is essential to have more than one set and lengths of hair extensions. You can have one straight set and another, which is curly. Therefore, if you want to go for a curly look, you will not waste time curling the straight extensions. This also applies in the shades meaning you can change your look daily because you have sets of different shades. 

Also, you can decide to go for shorter extensions today, and then tomorrow you wear the longer extensions. You can have a different set of bright shades for the summer and darker ones for the winter. All these are possible if you have more than one set of hair extensions. This will also reduce the amount of heat and styling on your extensions and therefore, ensuring your hair extensions serve you for longer periods.

Minimize Bleaching Your Hair Extensions

If you want to preserve the lifespan of your hair extensions, then you need to minimize bleaching. This is especially essential for human Remy hair. The human Remy hair was received from a donor who was bleaching the hair. Thus, regular bleaching will reduce its lifespan. If you love colored hair, you can use the temporary colored hairsprays to get the color of your choice for a few days, and then wash it off. 

There are tons of temporary hairspray colors in the market that you can choose from. You can also make an ombre look from the hairsprays. Purchase a high-quality hairspray color which does not contain heavy contents which might weaken the hair.  Also, you can use the previously mentioned hack by having several quality hair extensions with different colors. 

Do Not Use Multiple Hair Products

As mentioned earlier, using products that have heavy components such as sulfate will destroy your hair extensions. However, it is important to mention that you should avoid multiple products. The products might be of good quality, but it is not wise to pack all products in the hair. Find one type of good oil that works for you and use it. 

For the wash day, you can find a signature type of conditioner which works for your extensions. This is because if the hair has multiple products, then more work will be required to remove them during washing. This will lead to breakage and stripping. 

Proper Storage of Your Extensions

Another hack to double the lifespan of your extensions is proper storage. After you remove the extensions in the evening, close the clip-ins, brush them, air dry the extensions, and then store them. It is important to store them in a spacious box. Thus you should consider storing in Empress Hair Extensions package. Air drying is necessary because if they are wet, product and bacteria build up will be experienced, which lead to damage. Store your extensions away from direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place to ensure they last for a more extended period.


There are many ways on taking care of your hair extensions! Always remember this guide and it's up to you on how will you maintain your hair extension.  If you need a shopping guide on how and what extensions you will buy, here's a good read for you: Shopping for Hair Extensions?

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