Hair Extension Myths, BUSTED!

Hair Extension Myths, BUSTED!

I think most of the ladies here would agree that aside from make up, our hair helps to make us look and feel good.

We just love trying different hairstyle, different color and if we can just have the best hair we would kill for that!

And that's where hair extensions come into play, as they are extremely popular with women of all ages.

Available in an array of colors, textures and types, they add dramatic volume and length to hair. Or do they just add problems to your everyday hair care routine?

Let`s see!

Hair extensions have become a go-to solution for creating big, luscious, voluminous styles, and for making incredibly complicated updos possible. They are being used to fake bangs, grow out a short haircut, or just elevate your everyday limp mane.

However, a lot of us have concerns when it comes to extensions, which obviously holds us back. 

So we searched and asked women to tell us the most common and widespread myths about hair extensions.


hair extensions are expensive

These Myth is TRUE! But that was several years ago when only celebrities and upper class women are the only ones who can afford this. These days you no longer have to pay a fortune for getting reasonably priced hair extensions of good quality. Sure, natural hair extensions have slightly higher prices than synthetic ones, but they make up for it in quality and duration, and for that matter they can last a long time if taken care of, and you will definitely get your dollar’s worth!


damage hair

The short answer is: they can, but they shouldn’t.

This is probably one of the biggest myths about hair extensions and most women steer clear of trying them due to fear of damage.

We have a blog discussing this and for Empress Hair Extensions what important is to really do your research and know your extensions.

It is important to note that you need a professional to apply hair extensions, they are the ones who knows better than you do when it comes to what your hair extension needs are..

But you are the one who know, what you hair and scalp needs so it is also imperative to follow the proper hair care routine to avoid any tangling or breakage and make sure to use specific hair extension maintenance products.

3. They are painful


With advancing hair care technology, hair extensions have continued to evolve. If anyone tells you that the application or wearing of hair extensions is painful, chances are that they applied the hair extensions incorrectly or that their stylist may be untrained or ungifted with hair extensions. If you have them applied at a salon and experience any discomfort, it’s important to go back and have them adjusted.
Stylists should be trained and certified to apply, style, and maintain hair extensions pain-free.


4. Will my hair need a break between extensions? Will I have to buy new ones each time?

different type of extensions

Professionally applied and removed extensions can be worn continuously with no damage.
Empress Hair extensions are reusable and will last a long time, so when your hair has grown longer, so you don’t need to buy new ones, you would just simply need to come into the salon and we can ‘move them up’ with a short appointment. Similarly, there is no ‘expiration date’ on wearing extensions . If your hair looks great and is healthy, you can keep enjoying the same hair-do as long as it works for you.

We have one of our Empress Lady, and Blogger Rayne Shine, make a wig out of her 3 month old Human hair Bundle. Check it here!


5. It prevents hair growth!

hair growth

There is absolutely no correlation between your extensions and hair growth, other than the extensions will make it look like your hair miraculously grew overnight!

Hair extensions won’t affect your hair growth at all.
Actually, many people use their hair extensions while they are trying to grow their hair to their desired length. If you're waiting on your hair to grow out long again, use extensions to get that gorgeous length while you wait, and you won't have to worry about it stopping any growth! 

Here are some of the causes of hair loss. Read more ...


With these common hair extensions myths busted, at Empress Hair Extensions we don't think of any reason from getting the hair of your dreams!

Check out all of our gorgeous hair extensions on our website!

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