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Struggle Of The Weave Life

Every ladies goes through some sort of pain with their hair. Whether it is poofy, flat, baby hair etc.

But no hair pain is like the one of a girl with a weave.


Not just any weave though...

We talked to several ladies who had experience wearing and the one answer that wins the competition...

The clip-in extensions!!

Agree, ladies??

We curated the Top 4 Reason and let's hear them out:

1. Putting them in and taking them out!

"NIGHTMARE!!" they said...

Remembering how these ladies shared their experience definitely, it is the worst part of the clip-in extensions. Waking up extra early to put in the hair just so at the end of the day you can take it out.

Suggestion: For ladies who do not have extra time - say no to clip-ins! 

2. Getting them wet

Most ladies choose to have extensions when it's not summer, although no heat or water can prevent other ladies from having them on.

No swimming, water, or anything of the sort is allowed like at all. That includes washing them! Extensions and weaves are not like normal hair, so the moment you get them suckers wet is the day you regret life.

Suggestion: No other alternative for washing but only prevention! The less you wash your extensions the longer they will last. TRUE!!

However, we recommend only washing them once there is a lot of product build-up. 


3. Tracks

2nd most important!

This is another important thing about extensions or weaves, DONT LET YOUR TRACKS SHOW.

This is the thought that goes through our head all day every day, ever ladies who wear any extensions are constantly making sure they are covered and are fully hidden.

Note: These things get itchy you can't scratch it though, you've gotta pat that shit. 

Suggestion: There's more to discuss on this - make sure to check our blog and newsletter for this! This can get really messy ladies! LOL!

4. Styling

Wearing hair extensions for the first time is really a pain in the ass! And admit it, it is difficult to do especially when you are not used to doing this! But 

There is no such thing as a wash-and-go style when you have extensions. You're either curling your hair or straightening it to blend it all together.

There is a lot of reason to hate wearing extensions - all ladies can attest to that. However, one the bright side or the best along with all of the struggles is every time you look at the mirror or someone will say how beautiful you are it just makes the day right. ALWAYS ❤️️!

And Empress Hair Extensions will always be there for your hair needs!

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