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Long and Straight Hair Trend!

Because long hair never really goes out of fashion!

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They say when you have long and silky gorgeous hair you can wear it to almost any occasion! Even celebrities have been sporting extra-long Rapunzel lengths that don’t disappoint.

And we’re talking not just the long ones, it is waist-length tresses or even ankle length in some cases. With a shiny sleek finish, celebs are wearing the trend poker straight to accentuate their lengths.

So how can you stay on-trend:

How to Wear Long Hair and Tips on wearing them:

Growing your natural hair to waist-length would take a lifetime to grow, so extensions are essential.

In the real, non-celebrity world extensions below the hip are going to be impossible to manage so here’s our top tips on how to make the trend wearable.

  1. Start with the thickness and finish of the hair extensions. Don’t go over the top with thickness as it will be too hard to manage. Try 22 inch or 24 inch hair extensions.
  2. The finish; ensure you get a good cut and style, add layers to ensure the blend and cut is modern. Always see a professional hair extensionist.
  3. Keep it really high shiny and glossy looking. It should be really glossy, really poker straight hair with high shine. Invest in products that make your mane ultra-luxe looking.
  4. If you don’t want permanent extensions and want to try the trend then opt for clip-in extensions that can be clipped in and out. For that special occasion, you can take them to your stylist for a show-stopping style. If you want an extra-long hair, try our clip-in option with a huge selection of shades.
  5. When you’re bored with the long hair trend, no problem. Switch up your lengths by getting your new locks cut and blended with your stylist.


Whilst the Kardashian Klan may have been on the trend early, iconic celebs are on trend too on wearing long lengths!

 Here are the celebrities who are sporting the gorgeous long hair!

(Thanks to Style Caster for the photos posted below)

Celebrities wearing a long and silky straight hair extensions!


Here are the celebrities who are sporting the gorgeous long hair!


But aside from waiting five years for your hair to grow out, luckily we have a quick fix. If you’re dreaming of mermaid's hair, now you can channel your inner mermaid, thanks to our extra long hair extensions.

Empress Hair Extensions clients wearing long hair extensions


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