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What your hairstyle says about you!

Does your hairstyle give people their first impression about you?


Whether it’s short or long our hairstyle says even more about our personality than our fashion sense! It’s one of the first things people notice and can say so much about who we are.

So what does your cut say about you?


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It takes just a few seconds to form that first impression when you meet a person by just looking at your style. The hairstyle gives a clue to your personality, so here's what we think when we different style of hair!


The Perfectionist

If you meet someone with Sleek and glossy hairstyle they are the determined perfectionist. They like things to be under control and running smoothly, and their style is the ultimate tribute to this drive for professionalism. A classic trend that likes nothing better than to play by the rules.


Pure Charmer

The Long hair that falls in waves is seen as a demure and likable. It is also known as the Princess look, the most covetable style that screams pure elegance, charm and poise. 


The Centre Of Attention

A completely revolutionize style to a look of giving a breath of fresh air. It's fun with a youthful edge and no matter where you go, you are the ultimate attention-grabber.


The Fearless

The pixie wearer is always known for taking a risk and break with the status quo. We always knew them as the modern, brave and free-thinking, they will happily take their own path. Be inspired to break the rules with these short hairstyles


The Seductress

We see them as the big, bouncy and voluminous which we always knew tthat they are the ultimate tool of seduction. These people are open to new possibilities. No twist or turn should be identical. 


The Loveable

People like this is tagged as unwaveringly loyal. NO HAIRCUT but they are happy to stick it out with their chosen hairstyle. Some may criticize the look over a certain age, but worn in the right way it can come across as mysterious and appealing.


The Go-Getter

They know what they want and they are resolute in getting it. The ponytail is the ultimate power trend to ladies especially to those who are from the corporate world. But that doesn't mean it can't be strong and feminine too.


The Child in me

A free-flowing mane, Carefree, fun-loving and unique, their hair is the least of their worries - or so they'd like you to believe. For them, au naturel is the greatest style. But getting the look often takes more effort than they are willing to admit.


There’s a lot more than the above instances we’ve covered here, so feel free to do some research of your own and what style you prefer. One more little thing: it’s good to keep an open mind about these sorts of things and remember that you don't need to worry about changing hairstyle nowadays. Different hair extensions style is out in the market that will help you decide on what style you will wear.

So if you feel like rocking the carefree spirit or getting your straight hair business look, you do not need to worry. Empress Hair Extensions will always support you and wants the best for you!

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