Hair Trends To Look Out For In 2021

Hair Trends To Look Out For In 2021

If 2020 taught us anything amidst the lockdown, it’s that we all love a haircut.

We now understand the our hair and hairstyle really matter. Truth be told, this season give us a lot of buns and bed hair!

And the fact that you are reading this you are tired of that "trend"

We've done our home work and we are here to get you inspired...

Based on research this coming year 2021 the style that we are going into is fun and easy to style hair! Nothing fussy or over the top style.

This will be the year about self expression, self care, and beauty, plain and simple.

Read on..

1. Your Natural Curl

Look fresh and fly if you haven't quite mastered your own natural hair routine, ditch the irons and take a more organic approach to styling.

Forget the styling tools, and leave the heat damage at home, because enhancing your hair's natural movement need no longer be a daunting prospect.

We looked for one of the best advice on how to style your natural hair and here's ELLE taking the best spot!

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2. Easy BOB Style

Let’s be honest: the bob never really left. It’s as classic as the French manicure and red lipstick, Bob hairstyle is your go to style for everything...

 It is something so simple and chic and requires a commitment to maintenance,

Click here for this look..


3. Ponytail

This quick updo is a handy choice to save you on your lazy days and we all know the lockdown bring us to be lazy but at the same time productive (work from home).

So with a bit of product for hold, shine, or volume, you’ll look fab and ready-to-go in a matter of minutes.

This hairstyle is included on our previous blog on what would be the best hairstyle to wear at the office, and still works when your at your home office. LOL

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4. Loose Wave

Hair trends come and go, but waves never go out of style. There is no one way to wear your hair wavy—you can opt for loose, beachy texture, tighter curls, or big, barrel waves courtesy of your curling iron.

Here's one of our favorite: 

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5. Straight Hair

Beautiful hairstyles aren’t always born at the salon. While we are unsure of 2021, and unsure if you can go to your hairdresser to create intricate braids and buns that seemingly stay up on their own, nothing beats an easy hairstyle. Whether you’re off to a formal occasion at Zoom or simply headed to work all day, straight hair is your go to cute and easy hairstyles for that will sure to draw compliments wherever you wear them.


This year we realized that there were good things that came out of not being able to see our hairdressers every six weeks: our hair grew and we discovered different looks that we might not have tried if we hadn’t been forced to.

And 2021 is the year to embrace the forced style we have this 2020! It might not be extravagant or over the top but its the best that we can have!

Stay at home be safe!

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