Hair Goal Is Self Love

Hair Goal Is Self Love

After a year of no manicures, no bikini waxes or salon trips, people are asking are we on the verge of adopting an easygoing new attitude toward beauty?

Or, since the business are now opening again, will we re-embrace old habits, racing back to our colorists, or stylist?

For whatever happened what we think was our HAIR! Yes our HAIR!


So we rush to our stylist, we buy extensions or we make sure that even we don't have any makeup on our hair is our TOP PRIORITY!


It's everyday that you look in the mirror that you worry how you will look on your Zoom meetings, how about your grocery visits and seeing your friends for the first time in a year or so...

Let Empress Hair Extensions fulfill your self love by taking care of your hair!

First, you'll have to make sure you're getting natural hair extensions. "Most hair extensions are made out of human hair. There are synthetic ones too, but not too many since you can’t apply heat to them, and therefore you can't style your hair,"

Two types of hair that we highly recommend:

Clip-ins are the the fastest and most affordable type of hair extension. You can apply them yourself in 10 to 15 minutes.

Sew-ins are one of the older types of hair extensions. They are secured to the scalp by braiding the natural hair horizontally from ear to ear then sewing the weft of hair into the braid.


And does your extensions damage your real hair?

No, not if you wear and maintain them correctly. 

You should always ask your hairstylist about their experience applying extensions, we also recommends asking if they have been certified by an extension company. Extensions are safe for your hair if applied correctly so you'll want to make sure you are in good hands.

Check more information here:

Considering that you have your hair extensions and you are sure that it won't damage your natural hair! You may need a hair care guide in taking care of your hair!

During these uncertain times, it’s even more important than usual to stick to a routine that supports your mental health & self-care. The routine can be something as simple as taking a break from social media, reading from your Kindle, soaking in a bathtub, or taking care of your hair — including your extensions.  

If you are currently stuck at home and worried about the state of your extensions, here are some things you can do to make them last until you can visit your favorite salon again. 


Hair is at its weakest when wet, so don’t brush it while it is still wet from the shower. Make it a habit to brush your extensions once they’re completely dry, preferably before going to bed.  

Separate the extensions into several sections to ensure the brush you use reaches every part. If possible, use a brush that has been specifically designed for extensions. If not, you can opt for a soft bristle brush. 


Most shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which can strip the hair of moisture. Since extensions don’t get sebum from the scalp the way natural hair does, they tend to get frizzy easier.

Make sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse your hair. Just keep in mind that this type of product may not create a lot of lather compared to regular shampoos.


After rinsing shampoo out of the hair, apply conditioner to the midlength and ends. Do not apply on top of your natural hair, because the product will only weigh it down. You can apply it to the length of the extensions, however. Leave it on for five to ten minutes before rinsing.


Use a microfiber hair towel to dry hair once you step out of the shower. Avoid rubbing hair vigorously; instead, gently pat it dry to soak up the excess water. 


The best thing to do right now is to give your hair and extensions a much-needed break. By following these steps, you get to keep your extensions beautiful and tangle-free so you can still look your best the next time you go out shopping for essentials or meet friends online. 

Once we transition into our “new normal” and things have settled down, keep doing these things even when salons reopen. This will ensure that your hair extensions are well-cared for and will last as long as possible!


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