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Blending Your Hair Extensions! Goodbye tracks!


We posted a blog about your Struggles of Weave Life and we mention about covering your tracks! 

So let's dig deep on how to say bye to your tracks and make your extensions look natural...

Getting hair extensions to properly blend your hair can be challenging but can be done by following the tips given below.


Getting extensions matching the color of your hair

Hair extensions become obvious if they do not match the rest of the strands on your head.

A method of color matching is by picking your natural hair color from a printed out chart with the assistance of a color expert o hairstylist.

Another option is to contact the store if you are buying online and email them your photo or ask them as many questions you like to get that perfect hair for you!

Our Empress Hair Extension team is equipped with knowledge for all your hair question!

TIP If, however, the hair extensions available to you are still one to two shades lighter, they can be dyed one to two shades darker.


Blend Them Correctly

Choose the right hair color that will match your natural hair!

Once you have purchased extensions that truly match your hair color, the next step is getting them placed with your own real hair.

TIP:  Visit your hairstylist and ask them to cut your extensions so that their ends do not go beyond the tips of your natural hair strands.

You may also buy layer blending wefts and let hairstylists place them for you.


Aside from these 2 tips, here are some gentle reminder for you!

The placement of your extensions!

When you wear extensions to make sure they are all hidden, start with the ones in the front of your head and then move toward the back. You have more hair in the back of your head so it is a little easier to hide them back there. 

We love high ponytails!


When wearing high ponytails, flip your head over. This makes the wefts flip directions and you aren’t fighting them as much as if you try to finger-comb your hair up on the top of your head.


When braiding your hair don’t worry about them when you are initially braiding. Let them be and then when you pancake (always pancake with extensions) your braid to make it look more full, hide them then. You won’t have as many to hide and will have more space to hide them.


And most importantly!

Don’t stress over your hair!


If they are poking out a tiny bit more often than not no one even notices. I swear I always had one that was poking out a tiny bit here or there.


You can make yourself crazy trying to hide all of them, just embrace them and roll with it!

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