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Benefits of Frontal and Closure

On our previous blog, we shared the difference between Frontal and Closure! Were you able to make a choice on which one?

If not, don't worry!! We will now discuss the benefits of these two.

Frontal and Closure

Benefits of hair Closures

Helps match up the hair texture

Hair closures come in different hair textures. When putting on a weave or wig that leaves out some of your natural hair, closures come in handy. Closures cover the natural hair giving the wig or weave a more natural look and at the same time protecting your natural hair. The hair texture of the wig or the weave and that of the closure should be similar.

Seamless sealing of the wig or weave

Hair closures seal the wig or weave from where it ends at the front. It makes the design look more natural. Depending on the size part that needs sealing, you can get your closure in that size.  Wigs and weaves with closure are more appealing and natural.

Benefits of lace frontals

Covers the entire hairline

A lace frontal includes hair as the whole line. They are made to cover the hairline from ear to ear. The texture of the frontal varies. Most of them are in the most exquisite texture to give the illusion of a real hairline. Three hundred sixty lace front frontals are the most popular. Lace frontal wigs are trendy and almost look like natural hair.

Options for styling

With the lace frontal there are a variety of ways that one can style the wig or the weave. It comes with the right level of density and versatility to allow the users to design as desired. It also has small human hairs at the very front that can be trimmed to make the illusion of real baby hairs.  



Similarities of closure vs frontals

The similarities of lace frontal and closures are that they are both 100 percent natural hair. They also do not shed or detangle. They can be reused. They are quite durable. They have the same thickness from the bottom to the tip.

Why Frontals are preferred than closures

Although the frontals are a little pricey than the closures, people prefer them than the closures. It is because frontals are half wigs. Lace fronts give you options to part your hair anywhere you, please.

For women with a thinning hairline, the lace front is also the best option. The lace front covers the entire hairline. There is also some frontal that hides the hairline and the whole back. With the frontal, you can quickly push the hair backward. On the other hand, the closure can only be parted from where it begins to where it ends. Usually, it covers a small section of the front part. Wearing a weave with closure can limit your styling to specific styles that do not show the edges.


Empress Hair Extensions

Whether you are looking for human hair extensions, frontals or closures? Empress hair extensions have you covered. Empress' hair is in a variety of different bundles. The Empress Closure and frontals are at different prices depending on the type. The closure is less expensive. The frontals range from 93$ to about 180 $. The closure is sold from a range of 57$ to 80$. All the closures and frontals at empress have density.


Experimenting with human hair extensions can be a fun thing for you. If you are looking to grow your natural hair, human hair wigs or sew in extensions are the best options for protecting any hairstyle. The right human hair extensions can leave you looking trendy and classy.

If you are looking for places to purchase your hair extensions, the online space is broad. Are mainly high-quality hair. You can easily order your hair extension from Empress Hair Extensions. Empress has quality lace front wigs, sew in extensions, lace front frontals, and closures. The prices are also affordable.

Experience a variety of different pieces of hair. Whatever your reasons are for wearing human hair, wearing quality human hair will have you looking dazzling. Various online hair extensions stores sell quality hair. Empress is one of them.


Check online and read various customer reviews to make an informed decision.

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