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Differences between Frontal and Closure

Hair extensions are becoming popular on a daily basis. Many women of different races and cultures are embracing this trend. However, most familiar with particularly women of color.


There are numerous types of hair extensions.


They vary from hair type, length, and texture. The most popular hair extensions are human hair extensions. Human hair comes in an array of different extensions. From the short straight bob to the long and curly body wave you can never miss what you want. Human hair is sold in bundles, wigs, frontals, and closure. Most wigs have a frontal or closure. Customers who buy the hair in bundles mostly need the closure and the frontal to complete the look.

But what is Hair Closure and Hair Frontal, really!!


What Is Human Hair Closure?

A human hair closure is a piece of human hair that is attached to a lace of silk material. Human hair closure helps in protecting the hairline. The hair closures give the wig or weave a more natural and defining look. Closures have a medium density to provide them with a more natural look. Most of them are double noted. It ensures the durability of the closure. Most hair closures are styled in different sections at the front. The human hair aspect of it makes the hair re-usable. Closures can be washed and designed as desired. You can purchase your closure from your preferred online hair extensions store.


What is Human hair frontal?


Hair frontals are very similar to closures. Hair frontals move from ear to ear to help in protecting the hairline. Frontals are also made on lace and silk but mostly lace. Frontal cover a more significant part of the hairline compare to the closure. For women who love wearing their hair backward, a lace frontal would be of preference than a closure. Frontals are suitable for wigs, weaves and also hair extensions. Frontals are sold by different hair manufacturers and dealers mostly online. Sew in extensions are one of the hair extensions that mainly go well with the human hair lace frontal.


These 2 are popular online and I bet you can see it everywhere, however looking for a trusted Online Store is a lot harder when you need to decide on which one you are going to buy. 

Lucky for you Empress Hair Extensions have everything you for you! 

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