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5 Habits to Adopt Right Now if you want a Healthy Hair

Making sure your hair is as healthy as possible is more than just which hair product you use.

From swapping shampoos every once in a while to scheduling regular hair cuts, here are the top hair care mistakes to avoid, myths to ignore, and healthy habits to start right now for your healthiest hair ever. 

 Natural Hair

1.Go Natural as Often as You Can

All of our hair needs a rest from everything it endures shampoo, hair dye, conditioner, hair extensions, and all other hair products. YES! REST!

Make sure to schedule a day or 2 where you will let your hair recuperate. If possible, let your hair air-dry, avoid heated styling products, and keep it out of a ponytail or tight headband to avoid any unnecessary pulling on the hair shaft. In other words, sometimes you just have to let your hair chill a little.


2. Haircuts

Neither you or I would disagree: Regular haircut is a must! It ensures minimal split ends or breakage which a lot of hair Gurus recommends a trim every six to eight weeks. Surprised? 


3. Less use of Hot Tools or At Least Protect Your Hair 

We know that blow-drying your hair every day is a must for some of us but please BE SMART!

Make sure that you are moving on a cooler setting and lower velocity it will take a little bit longer, but a little more care and time will be beneficial.

If you plan to curl or straighten your hair with a hot wand or iron, use a protective spray beforehand there are a lot of hair products now and they've got different reviews on the internet. 

And at Empress Hair Extensions, we may suggest that if you want to change your hairstyle often - use human hair extensions!


4. Deep Condition Every Week

We highly suggest doing this and make this as your hair hobby. Dermatologists and hairstylists agree on: Incorporate a deep conditioner into your weekly hair care routine for extra hydration. 


5. Don't Take Scalding Hot Showers

We all love hot showers, especially after a very tiring day! It feels amazing to take a hot shower but hot water doesn’t do great things for your hair. In fact, it dries it out and, for color clients, washes out the hair color faster than cold water. While a cold shower might not sound ideal, You know the secret, lukewarm instead—as a bonus, it’s also better for your skin.


There are many ways on how you can take care of your hair and this is just some of them, I swear it will not hurt you if you try or at least pick one that you think that might fit your schedule.

Yes, all of us gets busy and we tend to forget how to take care of our hair or even how to style them. On our previous blog, we discuss how its easy for you to change your hairstyle if you are Stuck in a Hair Rut.

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