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Stuck in a Hair Rut?

Sporting the same hairstyle in every single throwback and present photo?

Experiencing a hair rut is very frustrating and we've all been there. If you’re unsure of whether or not you’re in a hair rut, here are some signs:


Looking Dull

Notice that your color is dull then you’re in a hair rut.  A great way to add some pop into your hair is with some hair extensions! They can change your color in minutes.

Gorgeous Hair Extensions


Hair Doesn’t Have Any Definition

Long hair or a pixie cut sometime you can feel like your hair is just there. But adding some layers to your hair is an easy fix for this solution. Layers are the perfect solution because you don’t have to make a major chop. 

Layered Hair Extensions


Bad Hair Days are Bad Hair Days

We all have a day where upon waking up, trying to do your hair and it just won’t cooperate, you’re in a hair rut. It is best to play with your hairstyle, wear wigs or use hair extension!

Bad Hair Day


One Hairstyle

Do you notice that you only have one go to hairstyle? If in every photo you’re wearing the same hairstyle, you’re in a hair rut. 

Do something extraordinary by shocking people, showing up to an event with a different hairstyle than your usual.


Curyl Hair


Whether you always wear your hair straight or haven’t gone a day without weaves since college, it’s time to change things up. We don’t suggest getting up hours early every morning to tame your ultra-curly locks or attempt to add weave to pin-straight hair, but if your tresses are at all malleable, change things up by going either straight or curly for a day (or week).


Sometimes all you need is a brief break from your everyday look to feel refreshed. And we at Empress Hair Extension have all the solution for your hair needs!

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