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3D Mink Lashes

Our extensive collection of artificial lashes are premium quality human hair lashes developed for professional makeup artists and makeup lovers everywhere.

Lashes are lightweight and instantly intensify curl, length, and volume.

Handcrafted from 100% sterilized human hair and free from any chemical processing or dyes.  

Reusable, long-lasting, easy to apply, and ideal for any occasion. 

We bring you 3D eyelashes, 3D mink lashes, and 3D Thinline lashes, and 5DMink Lashes to give that extra appeal and charm to highlight your eyes. You can pick and choose depending on your eyelash type and preferred style. 

All our products have been handcrafted to detail, keeping YOU in mind

Browse through our extensive range of collection, we have more than 30 lash styles that range from natural to glamorous, all while holding up their promise of complimenting any eye shape and makeup style you desire! 

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