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Wearing your Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever dream of having long, full, dark, and feathery eyelashes — without the costly use of mascara — you've probably at least considered semi-permanent eyelash extensions, a trend that has sprung up over the past few years to respond to that exact wish.
So now you are ready to wear one but you might still have questions about the safety, cost, comfort, and overall process.
To help us suss out the real deal about lash extensions — the good, the bad, and the annoying — we talked to a few pros about what it takes to achieve your dream lashes, below.

Eyelash Extension


1. Your makeup routine is cut in half.

Of course, your make up routine will be cut in half

At Empress Hair Extensions, we can vouch for the fact that you really don't feel the need to apply eye makeup. The lashes will make you look wide awake and it will take attention away from your dark blue under-eye circles if in case you did not have a good sleep. Also there will be days when you will have a  totally concealer-free day!  

2. Customizable

Like we mention with our other blog, you should talk to your specialist about how you'd like your eyelashes to look and the main concerns with your natural lashes—i.e. why you booked an appointment in the first place. Do you want length? Volume? Fullness? Is this for a special, once-in-a-lifetime event? Do you want to draw attention to the shape or color of your eyes? Once you've answered those questions, the specialist will help you choose the perfect set for your needs, and one that will enhance your eye shape. So no, you're not going to be walking around with the same eyelashes as your co-worker.

3. No mascara mishaps.

I swear!

No matter how rough your day or night was, you will always wake up looking gorgeous with absolutely no makeup,

With that being said, taking off your makeup at night instantly becomes easier, too.




1. There's quite a bit of maintenance.

First, you have to be willing to make trips into the salon every two to three weeks. But, you're also probably trimming time off your morning routine, so it's a give and take.

Second there are also very specific eyelash extension care rules you need to follow to ensure the health of your natural lashes, as well as to keep the extensions looking good. Which we can discuss on a separate blog.


Third you can't use an oil-based eye makeup remover—that'll loosen up the glue and cause the extensions to fall out faster. It's also recommended to cleanse them and brush them daily with a little spool brush that's usually provided, along with applying a lash conditioner. You can search over the web for the best product that fits you and your budget!

Fourth train yourself not to rub your eyes, so if you have allergies and really can't kick this habit, eyelash extensions might not be for you.


When it comes time for eyelash extension removal, or if you really want them off, you will also have to take a trip to the salon for a specialist to remove the extension without harming your natural lash—do NOT try to pull them off yourself.


You can visit our store for the best eyelash extensions options that you can choose from!

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