Ways to Recycle Your Old Hair Extensions? We got you!

Ways to Recycle Your Old Hair Extensions? We got you!

If you’re a hair hoarder like me, then we’re sure you’ll have masses of old hair extensions tucked away in a drawer somewhere, never to be worn again. Unlike old clothes, we can’t just bag them up and send them to the nearest charity bin, besides we love them too much to be able to part ways with them!

That’s why we have come up with things you can do to rekindle your love with your old hair extensions.

Stop giving up on your extensions thinking they are not worthy of one more try. I've thought to myself plenty of times; it's time to let this go when in actuality you just didn't know the endless possibilities you could do with old hair. Don't get me wrong, some hair is dead and not able to be used again, but I see too many times where it's revivable, and we could save money if only we knew proper alternatives for this problem such as ways to recycle.


DIY! But how?

Turning your Frontals into Closures

Do you know that your frontals can be turned into closures?

Once your frontals are worn out, feel free turn it into a convenient closure. Use your mannequin head to pin your frontal down, part the frontal into the width you desire for your closure and cut where parted. Boom, a classy closure for your style of choice. I know...you didn't even think of that. Well, trust me, this is about to get a lot more interesting! (information and photo ctto)


Turning Old Extensions into Clip-ins

Clip-ins are an excellent resource for adding the volume you long for while still giving off a realistic look.

Yes, you can turn your old hair extensions into clip ins.

You can buy clips, and it's quite easy to make them at home. You can get these items at your local beauty supply. 

  • Hair Clips
  • Thread (hair or clothes thread)
  • Needle


Make a wig out of your bundles

Wigs come in handy all day every day. I mean, what is there not to love about a great wig? You can leave it on or take it off which means you don't have to sleep in it. If you make multiple wigs, you can choose which one would be best suited for the day. Your options are endless with wigs, but right now I'm going to teach you how to make a quick wig out of your old hair extensions.

Our girl Rayne Shine turned her Spanish Wave Bundles to this beautiful wig! Sorry for the bad quality photo that only means, you better be checking our Instagram right?

Steps to Constructing Your Wig(ctto)

  • Step #1 Positioning the closure or Frontal

    • Place your mannequin head directly in front of you. Put to dome cap on without adjusting it. Put your frontal or closure in the position you desire and secure it down to the dome cap with stick pins. Sew around the perimeter of the frontal or closure except on the actual lace in the front.
  • Step #2 Sewing the Hair

    • Apply the techniques you would use in a regular sew in and sew the hair down onto the dome cap. Sew the hair from bottom to top until it meets with the closure or frontal.
  • Step #3 Checking your Wig

    • At this point, the only thing you need to do is cut the excess under the frontal or closure of the dome cap. Try the wig on, if it's a little too big use the adjustable straps for better security.

Not only you can DIY!

You can donate!

If all else fails and you see no other use for your tracks, allow someone else to recycle your extensions. Charitable companies are willing to take 100% human hair donations. Just google some resources on the instructions of how to donate and be a helping hand to someone else who would appreciate the hair.

Hopefully, this post gave you a reason not to act so fast to throw your beautiful bundles away or have them idly sitting in your drawer.

Old hair extensions matter and like I previously stated the only reason to get rid of hair should be due to extreme shedding, color damage or the hair just isn't good quality.

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