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Want to make your hair extensions look natural?

Long, beautiful and shiny hair is probably something almost every lady has dreamt of at some point in her life.

Have you ever watched one of those shampoo commercials thinking how much you would enjoy catching the looks of the people at you for your beautiful hair? If so, then you know what it’s all about.

Sometimes, our hair naturally doesn’t grow longer than a certain length, sometimes, you may lack some vitamins promoting hair grows, or any other reason can stand in the way between you and your dream of gorgeous hair.

However, don’t get upset just yet!!

There are ways to get beautiful and thick hair, with whatever length you want. After all, we’re living in the 21st century, and so many things are possible now. So, what we are talking about here – you’ve probably already figured – is hair extensions.

That’s right!


How do you make your hair extensions look and feel natural? There are a few tips and tricks we’re going to share with you.


Hair Extensions

Choose the right shade for you hair

Most essential step.

Obviously, if your hair and the hair extensions have a different shade, it will be apparent that your hair isn’t natural.

For example, if you were dyeing your hair before and now are trying to grow back your natural color, you may want to consider getting hair extensions that match the dyed ends.

On the other hand, you can dye your hair to match the color of the extensions. The good news here is that you can really go with whatever color you like (surely it should blend well with your looks, but that’s a different topic).

There’s another option. You can get the color of the extensions to match the lightest shade of your hair and after, with the help of a professional hairdresser, dye the dark hair so that it matches the rest of it as well as your extensions.

The Thickness Should Be Right

To make the hair extensions blend perfectly well with your hair and look natural, you have to make sure that you choose the right thickness of the extensions. You have to find a perfect balance between the hair extensions and the weight of your own hair. Too thick of extensions on thin hair won’t look natural, just like thin ones on thick hair.

So, you need to pick the right amount of extensions that will match the density of your hair. Besides, if you have a short haircut, you will also require more extensions because you will have to cover the layers of short hair.

So, the number of extensions you need should make the transition between your hair and hair extensions smooth to make it look natural.

Clip The Extensions Carefully

While trying to make your hair extensions look natural, you have to make sure that you clip them properly. It’s essential to cover all the wefts well. There are a few tips you can keep in mind that will help you make them invisible in your hair.

First of all, using a comb, separate your hair into really neat sections ensuring that the hair is above the weft. Otherwise, you may end up having little bumps in your hair where the extensions are attached, which will make them, well, obvious.

Next, place the clips slightly below the parting line in your hair. This way they can hold on to more hairs being well-attached rather than just holding right on your hairline.

And last, but not least, don’t place the extensions anywhere above the eyebrow line because they will show out and become too obvious.

Use The Extensions Of Quality Human Hair

Fake hair used in extensions is fine but only until the first wash. If your goal is to have long hair for one night, cheap fake extensions will do the work, but if you’re planning to use them multiple times, you may end up with a frizzy bunch of hair. The texture will be ruined and definitely won’t match your natural hair anymore.

Natural human hair, on the other hand, though more costly, will help you save big time in the future. You won’t need to replace it too frequently. Natural human hair will be easy to wash (and can withstand it, of course), you can style it better, just as if it was your own hair. If you are after a natural look for your hair extensions, getting high-quality human hair is the way.

If you dream of long hair but fail to grow it for one reason or another, don’t give up on your dream. You can get hair extensions, and once you figure out your way with them, you’ll be able to go out there and astonish people with your awesome hair any time you want. Plus, you don’t have to wear long hair all the time and spend so much time worrying about it, do you? It’s an easy-to-use and optimal solution, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

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