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How to get a sexy summer hairstyle

When summer rolls around, it brings a lot of warm days but, also, ugh, sweaty necks. Experiment with a new look or like a braided updo will keep you looking fresh all season long!

But how about a beachy wave that will make you feel sexy and confident as you plan your beach trip!

Sexy Beach wave? YES!

Hair Extensions

Everybody loves summer for many reasons: showing your gorgeous body in a new swimsuit, swimming in the ocean, long summer days and nights, and cheeky margaritas at sunset all come to mind.

And to top off your vibe for your summer trip, let me share how to rock that Sexy Beach Wave for your vacay!

All you need is a few minutes of your time, a hair straightener, a little hairspray and of course your EFFORT.

Step 1: Section your hair into equal parts and secure with clips.

Step 2: Starting at the bottom half of your first section, plait your hair. You want four plaits per section. When you get to the top of your head, plait your head backward for added volume and height.

Step 3: Run your flat iron over each of the plaits, then seal with hairspray. At the top of your head, scrunch your hair while you apply the flat iron, to create extra volume.

Step 4: After 10 minutes, (or if you’ve had the forethought to do this the night before, after waking up), undo your plaits and shake your head

… and there you have it… perfectly tousled, messy, sexy, beach hair!

Although it's nice to dream about those I-just-left-the-beach-and-there's-still salt-in-my-hair waves, most of the time that's not reality.

Beach waves usually come in handy when you're on a day off and not washing your hair or need a quick fix fast.

There's beauty in the versatility of tousled, undone, messy waves but also you can have the perfect hybrid between effortless and cool by checking out  Brazilian Loose Wave of Empress Hair Extensions! 

Hair Extensions are the reason why you see the sexy-beach-wavy-hairstyle, from the red carpet to real life. 

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