Secrets to your back to school Hairstyles

Secrets to your back to school Hairstyles

We all love summer!

Lady wearing yellow ready for summer

But it’s the time of the year again that it will come to an end.

That also means that back to school season is right around the corner. For most, it’s also the time to plan new looks and hairstyles that won’t get washed up and matted down by muggy days and moisture!

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One of the most fun (and easiest) ways to change up your look and wow at the first day of school is with hair extensions. 

Empress Hair Extension products compliment your already beautiful natural look and can add volume, length, and color, depending on how you want to look and what you want to achieve with your hair.

So I decided to share some tips, looks and top hairstyles for you to get inspired as you plan you back to school hair extensions,let Empress Hair Extensions help you make effortless style for your signature look this school year.

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Hair Extension that would be easy to use 

Hair extensions are incredibly versatile and can range from providing a temporary change for a special event, to semi-permanent results that can last for months.

These 2 hair extension is the most popular and the most easy to use for you back to school style! Although you can choose any style you want base on the level of care you’re willing to put in, and your budget and your time.

  • Clip-in hair extensions


Clip-in hair extensions are quite possibly the most popular type of hair extension because they are so easy to use. Simply pop open the clips at the base of the extension and attach them to your hair. When you’re ready to shower or go to bed, simply un-clip them out of your hair. Clip-in extensions need to be taken out every day, but the upside is that you don’t need to commit to a certain style any longer than you want to.

  • Tape-in hair extensions


Tape-in extensions are lightweight and easily hidden within your hair. They are made with a thin strip of transparent tape that presses against strands of your natural hair. Tape-in extensions should be applied by a hair stylist for best results, and can be reused for 3–4 applications. Every 10–12 weeks, make a trip back to the salon and have your extensions moved up in your hair, to account for any new growth.

Here are the Trending Back to School Hairstyles

Hair extensions can turn your look from blah to wow in a matter of minutes. Whether you’re seeking added length, more volume, or a different color, hair extensions can help you match your look to your personality, without harmful chemicals or dyes, or hours of prep every morning.

Try these hot hair styles this back to school season!

Top knot half-up style

top up half knot style

Part your hair horizontally at your temples. 

Grab a ponytail holder and wrap your hair into a messy bun. 

Pull it apart slightly to add volume and give that “I just woke up like this” impression. Hair extensions can add length to your hair and add more hair to work with to create this blown-out look.

Reverse braided bun

reverse braided bun

Take the top knot trend to a stylish new level with a reverse braid starting at the neck and working it up into a top bun. 

Insert clip-in extensions upside down to get everything flowing upwards in the right direction.

Tip: You may need Empress Edge Control

Chunky French braid or fishtail braid

Chunky twist braid or fishtail braid

Braids are super trendy right now, but with only natural hair to work with, they can end up looking super skinny. Use hair extensions to plump up your natural hair and create large, chunky braids.

Pull the top half of your hair into a half up half down style high up on your head and wrap a piece of hair around the ponytail holder. This style is very feminine and flirty and to get that lush, full look, use hair extensions to add volume and thickness.

Special event styling ideas

Back to school hairstyle

Use hair extensions to give yourself a gorgeous, red carpet-ready look for prom and homecoming, college parties, and even just for fun sporting events. Pop in the colors of your high school or college team, and add curls, length, and volume for beautiful up-dos and down styles for dances.

Start the new year with a bang this back to school season with fun, new looks using hair extensions. You will absolutely love the fullness and length you can achieve with hair extensions, and the best part is, no one will know it isn’t your natural hair!

We at Empress Hair Extensions has the top quality, 100% human hair and affordable synthetic hair extensions that will set you apart from your classmates this fall. Look like a bombshell everyday in class, with minimal effort!

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