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Pollution and your hair!

Skincare isn’t new by any means but it’s definitely strange that we’re not as concerned about how much pollution affects our hair too. This can have a lasting effect on your hair health and could be why it’s way more prone to breakage and greasiness.

We want to share everything you need to know to protect your hair from the damage that pollution may cause. Here are a few tips that could really help to improve your hair health so they’re totally worth it!

Hair Damage

Pollution affects your hair

Living in an area where there are increased levels of dust and smoke then all that grime will be deposited onto your scalp and your hair. These pollutants can build up and cause dry ends, dandruff, greasy roots and breakage as well as hair loss in some cases. Pretty scary, right? It’ll also make your scalp produce a lot more oil than usual which will make you wash your hair more, leading to even drier locks. Regardless if you have a natural hair or wearing hair extensions.


Protect your hair

Use A Shampoo That Contains EDTA

Tetrasodium Acid is a cleansing agent that grabs onto loose minerals and removes them which makes it perfect for overly polluted locks. Not only will it remove all the excess buildup but it also helps to soften hard water for a more gentle cleanse. Use the internet to search for the products, remember what works for others may not work with you so make sure to check the reviews.

Use A Protective Spray

Protecting your hair from heat damage it’s just as important to make sure your hair is protected from environmental damage too. These protectants will form a barrier over your hair so that the dirt and grime can’t penetrate your locks and dry them out. 


Keep it nourished as possible

Switch to a moisturizing shampoo and try and avoid salt sprays and dry shampoo as much as possible. 

Take a second to think about everything you do to your hair. Shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, hair spray, texture spray, mousse every product has an effect and not only that your environment matters too.

We hope these quick hacks have you feeling a little more clued up on protecting your hair from pollution. Don't forget that your natural hair needs care but your hair extensions need it more! 


Your Empress Hair Extensions Family!

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