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Hair Extensions as Treatment for Alopecia

We hear a lot of stories about the condition where one loses their hair in round patches, while it is a scary thought, for those people in concern it can be devastating. Your hair is considered as your crowning glory so you would do your best to nurture it to health.

But how does one react to hair loss? It can be quite difficult and challenging. It can cause a great impact on your self-confidence and your personality as a whole. Like how we discuss with our Alopecia and Hair Extensions blog.

But now, we want to take it deeper by helping you with treatment and the right hair extensions for you!


When it comes to the treatment, there is no cure for this disorder. Although, doctors recommend some forms of treatment to manage the hair loss. The most common type of treatment is using corticosteroids, which are powerful immune suppressants. They help suppress the immune system, which slows down the effects of the condition since Alopecia is an autoimmune disease.

An autoimmune disease regarding Alopecia means that the immune system attacks the body's hair follicles. The cells of the immune system attack cells of other parts of the body. Other medications can be used which either promote hair growth or suppress the immune system.

Regarding the aesthetic aspect, people with Alopecia may require to wear sunscreen to protect the skin, wraparound glasses to safeguard the eyes, use an ointment to keep the nose membranes moist. In addition, there are hair extensions and wigs for women with Alopecia.

Alopecia is not contagious, and it does not make people sick. However, it affects people emotionally, which can lead to stress and depression. The condition is more of a traumatic disease, and this is why the hair care industry needed to address the emotional aspect of hair loss. For this reason, a comprehensive array of hair extensions and wigs for women with balding are available in the market.

YES! You heard it people who are suffering with this condition turn into Hair Extensions!

Hair extensions and wigs for women with Alopecia

People with Alopecia wear hair extensions or wigs to cover balding, thinning, or complete hair loss. A slew of options is available in the market for the same reasons. For example, Brazilian hair bundles or hair extensions are the most common and natural hair in the market. Brazilian human hair is the most preferred type of hair for the majority of people, including women with Alopecia, African American women, and many more.

Brazilian hair bundles provide a luxuriously soft texture that blends seamlessly with other kinds of hair. Brazilian hair makes amazing hair extensions which have a beautiful wavy element. Other options include clip in hair extensions. They are quite simple and quick to wear. Clip in extensions provide a temporary look and help you in achieving a fuller hair.

Clip in hair extensions come in either one piece or multiple pieces. The pieces are known as wefts, and they always vary in width. You can clip in the extensions quite effortless, and they are inconspicuous. Clip in hair extensions offers the fastest and affordable way of transforming your look. They are ideal for women with Alopecia. However, it is safe to consult with your doctor before buying any clip extensions.

Human hair lace wigs also offer solutions for women with Alopecia.  A lace wig has a sheer lace cap. It provides a natural look. The wig appears as if it is growing from your scalp, making it ideal for women with Alopecia. Once you wear lace wigs, they create a flawless look as well as an invisible hairline. They can either be synthetic or from real human hair.

Lace wigs are easy to wear. You can put on your wig every day as long as you attach it properly by using hairpins or glue. Other advantages of wearing lace front wigs are that you can style them, you can braid them or curl them. Although, lace wigs are quite delicate and require regular maintenance.

Other options include colored wigs. They bring an eclectic mix of looks, and somehow, most people find them stylish. You can have any color of wig you wish from red, green, pink, and purple, among others. Today, colored wigs have become quite popular, and even celebrities are wearing them. It is a fashionable look, and women with Alopecia can benefit from such a trend.

Dealing with such a condition can be difficult, but there are many and new solutions to manage the hair loss that comes with Alopecia. Using bundles for wigs or extensions for wigs is a trending look, and a significant number of women are wearing them. It is not only for people with Alopecia; even African American women are embracing hair extensions.

Hair extensions for thin hair or complete hair loss are important because they help uplift the self-esteem and personality of anyone with Alopecia.


Today, as mentioned above, even celebrities are wearing hair extensions. Look fashionable with the best hair extensions you can find in the market. Empress Hair Extensions are human hair that can be expensive, but they are worth every dollar.

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