Here's what you need to know about Edge Control!

Here's what you need to know about Edge Control!

From braids to Wigs, no matter what hairstyle we pick, we all pay attention to one thing: our edges

The way our edges are brushed and styled can really make or break a hairstyle.

Do you agree, ladies?

Personally, I think there are very few things more frustrating than spending a large portion of my morning blowing out and flat ironing my hair only to have curly, frizzy edges hours later.

Edge control

For problems like those, we usually go straight to our handy dandy hair care products. And for our edges? 

Edge control will usually get the job done

Edge control comes in gel, wax, or pomade and can be easily slicked down onto our edges to eliminate frizzies and fly aways. 

Sounds like a miracle product right? 


Depending on the products you use, edge control can come with a world of problems. Everything from the wax leaving streaks of white on your edges to the pomade running down your face as soon as the sun touches your hair.

beautiful edges

It can be tough—but the most common (and frustrating) problem is when edge control doesn’t control your edges! 

Below are 3 ways to strengthen the hold of your edge control and keep your hairstyle looking fresh!

Dampen hair and tie it down

Spritzing a small amount of water on your edges before applying edge control will help the pomade/gel stick to your hair better; the extra moisture will also aid in a neater slick down since wet hair tends to be a lot less frizzy than dry hair.

Be careful not to apply too much water to your edges or else the edge control will appear white and look unpleasantly cakey once it settles onto your hair.

Your Edge Control and gel

The key to using two or more hair products at the same time is to start off with using just a little bit of each. This rule is especially true when using both an edge control and hair gel because using too much can make your hair look super white and waxy, and you definitely don’t want that.

For the best results, apply a thin layer of edge control and then secure it with a dab of maximum hold hair gel. Be sure to stay away from gels that harden your hair or flake after drying to avoid crunchy looking edges.

Use the blow dryer cold shot

Some women have no problem applying heat to their edges, especially if they’re wearing a hairstyle that requires heat for the rest of their hair. 

However, other women are not comfortable with using heat on their edges because it’s the most fragile part of their hair, they’re afraid of heat damage, and many other reasons.

This is where your blow dryer comes into play. I know in your head you’re saying “wait, using a blow dryer is applying heat!” but this isn’t always the case. Most blow dryers are made with both a cool setting and a cold shot, meaning they blow out cold air instead of warm or hot.

beautiful edges

After brushing edge control gel into your hair, quickly dry it by blasting your edges with cold air. This method works the best if you struggle with your hair reverting back to curly just minutes after applying product. Blow drying your edges will make the edge control dry faster and seal your hair in its style.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

No matter if you’re relaxed, natural, or transitioning, one of the most important parts of your hair care regimen is keeping your hair moisturized. This step is still very important when applying certain products to your hair because some formulas work better on recently moisturized hair opposed to dry hair.

Here’s more!

Have you ever wonder if edge control products cause your hair loss?

For many women experiencing hair loss, the blame can be placed squarely on their genes. But heredity isn’t the only culprit for female hair loss. Often, it is the result of the way women style and treats their hair and the products they use to get the look they want. 

For example, traction alopecia is a specific type of hair loss that results when tension is applied to hair for a prolonged period, as with tight braids, ponytails, or cornrows.

While women of all races deal with hair loss issues, African-American women face unique risks because of common styles and looks that can weaken and damage hair follicles, making them more prone to fall out. 

Edge control products are typically firm-hold gels designed to keep frizzy edges under control. But getting that sleeked-back look requires a product strong enough to do the job. To get that strength, most edge control products contain copious amounts of alcohol. While the alcohol provides for quick-drying and hold, it can also do tremendous damage to hair follicles if used too often or if it is not cleaned from hair often enough.

This doesn’t mean that edge control itself will lead to hair loss. It is simply a matter of using the product prudently and cleaning your hair regularly. If you want to look good without making your hair feel bad, keep these tips in mind:

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