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7 Ways to Keep Your Hair Extensions Glowing


So many people can relate to buying new hair extensions, how lustrous it looks for the first few months then later it turns into this dull weave.

Horrible, isn’t it?
Many people have faced a similar dilemma of watching their hair extensions lose the luster but don’t worry you can avert that by following different ways to keep the glow!
Maintain a healthy hair care routine!!
You heard it right, your hair extensions need as much love as you are supposed to give in your hair. Think about it, if your hair needs some tender love and care to flourish, what more of hair extensions that have been cut off from the source?
Ladies! You have to tailor your hair care routine to be appropriate for your hair extensions so that it stays radiant and shiny!
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Here are 7 ways to keep that hair glow on your extensions:
  • Understand the hair extension quality: Is it a virgin human hair or synthetic hair! Remember that this is important! Try to find the porosity of the hair extensions as well. A lot of people that end up with dull hairdo because they don’t even know what type of hair they are dealing with and so they just use any products they see. 
  • Wash it properly: Just the way you prepare for a good wash day; you need to wash your extensions as well. Many people make it a routine to slather on products on their hair extensions regularly, sometimes even more than once a day and all of these products just stay on there and pile up until they block the natural glow of the hair extensions. So regularly, you need to wash them off to reveal the clean healthy strands of hair underneath. But remember too much washing can actually dry out the strands, a healthy practice is not more than twice a week if it is attached and less if it is a wig or clip-in hair extensions.
  • Always use conditioner: You cannot possibly skip the conditioner and expect your hair extensions to glow, girl! Stop playing. Conditioner not only softens the hair, but it is also packed with moisture and a locking formula that makes sure the moisture stays in even after you rinse it out. If you weren’t using any conditioner before, you definitely want to go ahead and get one immediately, just make sure you are using the right conditioner for your hair extension.
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  • Moisture is your hair extensions’ best friend. Yes, if you had a myth prior to this that you do not need to moisturize your hair extensions, do well to correct that thought immediately. Just like the hair on your head, your hair extension can benefit greatly from being moisturized properly, because that is what gives the glow of a healthy hair extension.
    Make sure you are moisturizing with the right products which should be more water based than oil based because the hair is detached from a scalp and cannot absorb the oil.
  • Air dry your hair extensions: This is necessary for healthy hair extensions. It also allows the bundles dry at their own pace and in a way that is healthy for the hair, that way it is not losing any internal moisture in the process. It is important not to rub the hair extensions between a towel or proceed straight to a dryer, d towel can ruin the structure of the strands, resulting in tangled brittle hair that is unattractive and the heat makes it brittle and it loses its moisture as well.
  • It is understandable that you want to style your hair and apply heat during drying, but you need to make sure that you are not using too much heat. This is why the first point is important, where you get to know your hair extensions. You should try cold styling methods as an alternative instead of using heat, also consider styling with heat less frequently and apply measures to maintain a style instead (like sleeping with a satin pillowcase, rolling up the hair extensions and using a bonnet).
  • Brush it the right way: many people think brushing only helps in detangling, but it does so much more. Brushing hair extensions is an effective way to properly distribute products applied to the hair. Hence you can have an evenly distributed shine on your head. This will help your hair extensions glow properly. Make sure that you are using the right brushes for your hair extensions, depending on the style of the hair. Never brush wet hair.
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      Whichever step you are taking to make your hair extension maintain a glow, it is imperative that you are using the appropriate product for your hair; the appropriate shampoo, the appropriate conditioner and so on. That way you do not expose your hair to any products with harmful chemical contents.
      So are you ready not just add a glow to your hair but add more extension to your hair collection? Empress Hair Extension can provide you the perfect hair extension of your choice. 
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